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General Contracting
Do you need a company that will organized of your dream house or any building plan you have? With or without a plan, we can help you with: Construction building process; permits; labor cost; material cost; masonry/ carpentry; electrician; plumbing and other skilled contractor needed for your project.
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Our service rates are all varies to your property, specifications, special additions or features, materials, etc. Below are services we may offer.
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Architect & Engineer
The Architect will plan and design, and/or facilitate the execution of new building designs, and plan, design and/or facilitate the execution of building expansions or renovations according to clients needs, desires, and financial resources. AsArchitect, their duties may include the following:

  • Identifies, through consultation, clients requirements, approximate budget, timetable, and possible needs for future expansion.
  • Determines clients preferences regarding materials, styles, colors, and other variables.
  • Attempts to identify through collaboration clients priorities in terms of needs vs. desires.
  • Assists clients in defining their priorities and vision by preparing preliminary sketches of options.
  • Prepares and presents designs, specifications, estimated costs, and proposed construction schedule.
  • Creates detailed plans integrating engineering, electrical, and HVAC considerations; presents plans to clients for review and approval.
  • Modifies new or existing plans as required.
  • Prepares scale drawings and contract requirements and submits for bids.
  • Collaborates with clients to select and award construction contracts.
  • Collaborates with head builder and clients to facilitate the building process to meet clients specifications.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

general contracting plan permit
Permits & Safety Officer
Permits help ensure that construction and major renovations comply with local bylaws, the building code and health and safety standards. Permits are required before any stage of a project can start. Depending on where you live, the process for obtaining a permit can vary. Contact your local government to get answers to important questions including: Below are some questions you may need for your project.

  • Type of permits for your project
  • Apply for permits accordingly, legally and efficiently.
  • All permits will be updated based on your area or location.
  • All invoices and receipts will be kept for all future references.
  • Knowing the right zone for your area.

Typically, permits required for new construction projects or major renovations fall under broad categories including building, demolition and plumbing. Homeowners may also need electrical and some other trade permits. You may check with your local government's building department to find out their requirements for all permits and inspections or Contact us today for any other concern.
Masonry & Superintendent
Masonry and Superintendent lays building materials, including concrete and brick, and constructs or repairs surfaces or structures. This is a journey-level classification. Working conditions include restricted movement, dirty environment, extreme temperatures, lifting or carrying heavy objects. As Masonry and Superintendent, their duties may include the following:

  • Prepares surfaces prior to beginning work.
  • Fabricates, alters, repairs, and maintains walls, sidewalks, street curbs, floors, bathroom showers, sink counters, partitions, manholes, and other related structures or surfaces.
  • Lays blocks or bricks following blueprints, plans, or drawings.
  • Determines work requirements and sequence of masonry/tile assignments through review of work orders, plans, or drawings.
  • Lays out work using chalk lines, plumb bobs, tapes, squares, and levels.
  • Mixes cement using hoes, cement-mixing equipment, and/or hand tools.
  • Cuts or breaks bricks and concrete using hammers, powered abrasive saws, paving breakers, drills, and/or hand tools.
  • Molds expansion joints and edges using edging tools, jointers, and straightedge.
  • Operates equipment, such as forklift, dump truck, and flatbed.
  • Estimates materials and labor.

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professional electrician
Electricians prepare, assemble, install, test, troubleshoot and repair electrical wiring, fixtures, control devices and related equipment in all types of buildings and other structures. As Electrician, their duties may include the following:

  • Installing and repairing lighting fixtures and equipment, including switches and circuit breakers
  • Connecting power to communications equipment, signalling devices and heating and cooling systems
  • Troubleshooting electronic systems and replacing faulty components
  • Conducting preventive maintenance programs
  • Reading and interpreting drawings and blueprints

Plumbers install, repair and maintain pipes, fixtures and other plumbing equipment used for water distribution and waste water disposal in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. As a Plumber, their duties may include the following:

  • Installing, repairing and maintaining domestic, commercial or industrial plumbing systems
  • Marking positions for pipe connections and fixtures in walls and floors
  • Cutting openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipes and pipe fittings
  • Measuring, cutting, bending and installing pipes using hand and power tools
  • Joining pipes using clamps, screws, bolts or cement
  • Welding pipes
  • Testing pipes for leaks
  • Preparing cost estimates
  • Reading and interpreting blueprints

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roof installer
Roofing Installation
Roofers install, repair or replace flat roofs and shingles, shakes or other roofing tiles on sloped roofs.
Shinglers install and replace shingles, tiles and similar coverings on sloped roofs.
Roofers/shinglers may also waterproof basements, foundations and decks. As a Roofer/Shingler, their duties may include the following:

  • Installing, repairing or replacing roofing systems using materials such as asphalt and gravel
  • Installing, repairing or replacing shingles and other roofing tiles
  • Applying waterproof coatings to concrete surfaces
  • Installing and repairing metal roofs using hand and power tools
  • Installing scaffolding to provide safe access to roofs
  • Estimating required materials and costs

How much Roofers charge? Contact us today!
Painting or Duco
Painters and decorators apply paint, wallpaper and other finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures. As a Painter and Decorator, their duties may include the following:

  • Applying paint or other materials such as stains, lacquer or varnish using brushes, rollers or spray equipment
  • Preparing and cleaning surfaces
  • Removing old wallpaper and paint
  • Repairing cracks and holes in walls
  • Mixing and thinning paint
  • Measuring, cutting and applying wallpaper or fabric to walls
  • Building and installing scaffolding
  • Advising customers on colour selection and choice of wall coverings
  • Providing cost estimates
  • Reading specifications to determine required materials

cabinet installation
Cabinet Installer
Cabinetmakers build, repair and install wooden cabinets, furniture and fixtures. As a Cabinetmaker, their duties may include the following:

  • Operating woodworking machines and using hand tools to cut, shape and form wood
  • Fitting parts together using glue and clamps
  • Reinforcing joints using nails or screws
  • Trimming joints
  • Sanding wooden surfaces and applying veneer, stain or polish to finished products
  • Repairing or restyling wooden furniture or fixtures
  • Marking outlines or dimensions on wood
  • Preparing or interpreting drawings or blueprints
  • Preparing work estimates

floor installation
Floor Installer
Floor covering installers install carpet, wood, linoleum, vinyl and other resilient floor coverings in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. As a Floor Covering Installer, their duties may include the following:

  • Installing carpeting, hardwood floors, trims and bases to floors or other surfaces
  • Inspecting, measuring and preparing surfaces to be covered
  • Inspecting and repairing damaged floor coverings
  • Estimating material and labour costs

hvac, heating
Aircon, Refrigerator Installer
Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics install, maintain, repair and overhaul residential central air conditioning systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and combined heating, ventilation and cooling systems. As a Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Installer/Mechanic, their duties may include the following:

  • Installing, troubleshooting and overhauling entire heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Measuring refrigeration or air conditioning components for installation
  • Working with hand and power tools to install refrigeration or air conditioning components
  • Measuring and cutting piping, and connecting piping using welding equipment
  • Testing heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems for leaks
  • Performing routine maintenance
  • Repairing and replacing components for entire heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Installing, maintaining and repairing equipment in refrigerated trucks
  • Preparing work estimates
  • Reading and interpreting blueprints

electronic device installation
CCTV & Other Electronic Installation
Electronic Access Control & CCTV Technicians will install with or without direct supervision: Access Control devices such as; Card Readers, Request to Exit Buttons (REX), Motion Sensors, Maglocks, Electric Door Strikes, Access Control Panels, Analog & IP Cameras, Power Supplies, cable pathway systems, firestop systems, various electronic components, and various cable that includes but is not limited to: twisted pair cable, coax, power limited tray cable, stranded cable and solid conductor low voltage cable. Cable installation includes: placement, termination, testing, labeling and documentation. These installations are primarily performed on various construction sites. As CCTV & Other Electronic Installer, their duties may include the following:

  • Install various access control devices.
  • Program Access Control Panels & Systems
  • Install various CCTV camera types both Analog & Digital IP systems
  • Install & Program DVR Recording Units
  • Install cable pathway systems (cable trays, cable racks, J-hooks or D-rings).
  • Install, terminate, test, label and document horizontal, backbone and other cables.
  • Dress and route cable into closets and control rooms.
  • Firestop various types of cable penetrations.
  • Perform other duties as required.

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additional features
Landscaping & Other Special Features
Landscapers build and maintain gardens, parks, golf courses and other landscaped areas. As a Landscaper, their duties may include the following:

  • Planting, transplanting and maintaining flowers, plants, and greenhouse and nursery stock
  • Installing rock gardens, ponds, decks, drainage systems, fences, planters and playground equipment
  • Installing, operating and maintaining watering systems
  • Seeding, sodding and caring for lawns
  • Trimming and pruning hedges, trees and shrubs
  • Identifying plant diseases and insect problems
  • Applying fertilizers and pesticides
  • Consulting with clients on landscape designs, and plant selection and care



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